October 28 2021
Meet the Maker: Sight Line Provisions

One of Elastic’s newest partner brands, Sight Line Provisions, is not your typical outdoor brand. Since 2015, founder, Edgar Diaz, has been creating unique, handmade bracelets with custom symbols depicting nature and wildlife. 


It all began when Edgar’s own passion for the outdoors led him to create accessories for himself and other nature enthusiasts to represent their love for the outdoors.  

Edgar and his wife, Kristi, created a line of accessories, produced right in their own home, that “connect you to your passion for the outdoors.” From decorative bracelets and rings to active watch brands and dog collars to koozies and flasks, Sight Line is creating beautiful products designed for outdoor life. Check out their product line for the perfect gift for the angler in your life or yourself!  

The brand also has a range of athlete sponsorships from around the industry and the world. From biologists to guides to professional fly designers, Sight Line takes every aspect of the sport and lifestyle into consideration when creating and designing products.  

Elastic’s own Marketing Manager, Maddie Olhoeft, was drawn to Sight Line Provision’s bracelets at Outdoor Retailer in August 2021 where she found a piece that instantly reminded her of her dog. It’s these personal connections that Sight Line hopes to create and share with their customers, from hikers to photographers and everyone in between.  

To build better connections with existing retailers and to open more doors with new buyers, Sight Line is fully integrated with Elastic Lite, with open-to-buy catalogs, digital catalogs, and virtual selling tools that will take the brand to new heights, and put their products on the hands and wrists of even more outdoor enthusiasts.  To learn more about how Elastic Lite can benefit your brand, reach out to our sales team.  









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