August 26 2023
Optimizing B2B & Wholesale Ecommerce Conversion Rates: Strategies for Success

While some brands’ retail, direct-to-consumer and wholesale strategies can greatly vary, the end goal is almost always the same – get the right product in the hands of the consumer at the right time. The strategies for driving this conversion (from awareness to consideration to purchase) are not vastly different between B2B and B2C, but rather can be used in both applications. Here are a few best practices, with roots in direct-to-consumer marketing, that should also be implemented as part of a wholesale and B2B marketing strategy.

Customization is Key

In B2B transactions, buyers often place substantial preseason orders with multiple complexities like various ship dates and locations. To streamline this process, customization is essential. By providing pre-built assortments, curated collections or order proposals, sales reps can significantly reduce friction in the path-to-purchase. In fact, 73% of customers expect a personalized commerce experience. Buyers appreciate a tailored approach that caters to their specific needs, making them more likely to convert.

Dashboard Optimization

Brands that invest in optimizing their Elastic dashboard can see remarkable results, with conversion rates increasing by almost 30%. Simple yet effective calls-to-action (CTA) on the marquee, such as a “Shop Now” button leading buyers directly to the pre-season catalog, can eliminate time spent browsing and searching, especially when they know exactly what they’re going to order. This intuitive approach propels buyers into order-building mode, increasing the likelihood of conversion.

Fast and Seamless Ordering

For At-Once, ATS or Reorders ease-of-use is paramount. Elastic Suite’s SKU-level product search functionality simplifies the process, allowing buyers to efficiently fulfill their orders. Quick and easy access to products minimizes friction, making the conversion process smoother and more efficient. Efficiency is more important than ever as reorder value more than doubled from 2021 to 2022.

Integrated Email Marketing Campaigns

One of the most direct ways to push buyers closer to conversion, especially for at-once or reorder scenarios, is through integrated email marketing campaigns. By communicating directly with buyers through email, you can inform them about discounts, inventory availability, and deadlines. These emails can be strategically designed to direct recipients to specific order proposals or catalogs, eliminating the need for extensive browsing or searching. According to recent data, it takes 8 brand touchpoints before a buyer will place an order, by linking them directly from their inbox to a proposed order, you can eliminate 3 of those crucial touchpoints (Elastic login, product search and order placement).



The insights gathered from various sources emphasize that while B2B and B2C ecommerce may differ in certain aspects, the fundamentals of conversion optimization remain consistent. Customization, user-friendly dashboards, streamlined ordering processes, and targeted email campaigns are all essential strategies for success.

To learn more about how Elastic Suite can help your brands’ B2B ecommerce conversion, request a discovery session with our team.



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