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Scalable Personalization for Wholesale Commerce:

Enhancing Customer Experience and Boosting Sales


In today’s business landscape, customization has emerged as a critical aspect of commerce, especially in the wholesale environment. As research shows, a staggering 71% of customers expect a customized experience when making purchase decisions.  Customers now demand tailored experiences, and this trend extends beyond the realm of B2C to B2B and wholesale.  In anticipation of this demand, Elastic Suite developed innovative solutions that bring customization into the wholesale environment, transforming the way sellers, buyers, and end-customers engage with products. Below are some examples of the importance of scalable personalization in wholesale commerce and the various ways Elastic Suite is helping our brand partners reshape the industry.

Scalable Personalization streamlined with B2B Processes

Improve Relationships between Sellers, Buyers & End-Customers

Customization is not just about enhancing the purchase experience for customers but also about fostering better relationships between buyers and sellers. When customers can tailor products and assortments, they feel more connected to the brand and are more likely to become loyal brand evangelists.  Additionally, by catering to the specific needs of each retail customer, wholesalers can build trust and long-term partnerships in a one-to-one environment, leading to increased customer retention and satisfaction.

Increase Bottom-Line Sales


The primary benefit of incorporating customization into the wholesale process is the potential to increase bottom-line sales. When buyers can personalize products according to their exact needs, they are more likely to make purchases, and average order value increases 36%. Customization not only creates a more engaging shopping experience but also allows retailers and wholesalers to upsell and cross-sell effectively. By offering personalized packages, bundles, and made-to-spec products, brands, sales reps, and retailers can tap into previously untapped market segments, resulting in increased profitability for the entire wholesale ecosystem.

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Elastic Suite’s Customization Solutions for Wholesale Commerce

Product Personalization

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Packages & Bundles

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Product Configurator

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Product Customization


In today’s competitive market, product branding and personalization are essential for many brands and their business partners. Elastic Suite’s embedded product personalization tool empowers business buyers to design and place custom orders within a single interface. This allows buyers to tailor products with embroidery, laser cutting or engraving, adding value to the end-user’s experience and building brand affinity. Branded products have become a key factor in some company’s B2B strategies as they’re creating highly customized products, driving even more value at sell-through.

Although nearly any hard or soft good product can be customized one market leading the way in engraving is drinkware with high-end water bottles, coolers & coffee mugs.   These brands are creating massive business opportunities by creating limited edition designs with artists, special make-up products for business partners and retailers, co-branded products or promotional items. With Elastic’s embedded product personalization solution, sales reps can create orders, get proofs and build pricing all within a consolidated interface.

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Packages & Bundles


Elastic Suite offers a comprehensive solution for creating customized packages and bundles. Whether buyers need products from multiple warehouses or curated assortments for end-consumers, the platform enables them to build packages with bundled pricing. This eliminates the issue of ordering mismatched items based on available inventory and streamlines the ordering process for buyers.

Many Ski & Snow brands take advantage of this feature so that buyers can bundle skis or snowboards with the correct bindings, in various size runs. This is important because buyers can instantly purchase products designed to be sold together, without having to cross-reference various linesheets across multiple catalogs.

Product Configurator


For specialty or made-to-order items, customers often rely on the expertise of trusted retailers. Elastic Suite’s product configurator enables buyers to build, order, and get pricing on custom-made or built-to-spec products within the same commerce platform used for standard ordering. This streamlined process benefits the end consumer, retailer and the brand, enhancing bottom-line revenue and reducing operational complexities.

While there are many markets with made-to-order items, one standout channel is golf hard goods. Many golfers believe that custom clubs can improve their game and are willing to pay a premium price for a configured set. Elastic’s integrated product configurator allows a sales rep at a branded event or green grass pro to build a custom order for a single customer within a standard wholesale interface (including pricing and available inventory). The product configurator brings a B2C experience into the B2B interface, saving time and resources for both the buyer and seller.

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The Significance of Customizing the Wholesale Purchasing Experience

As modern ecommerce continues to replace manual processes, wholesale businesses must prioritize and scale personalization. Elastic Suite’s customizable feature set ensures that brands, sales reps, retail buyers, and end consumers can all access products tailored to their exact needs within a sophisticated and streamlined environment. By catering to the demands of today’s customers and leveraging innovative solutions, wholesalers can remain competitive, boost sales, and foster meaningful relationships with their retailers and end-customers.


The importance of scalable personalization in wholesale commerce cannot be overstated. With a significant majority of customers expecting tailored experiences, brands and sellers must adapt to this demand to remain relevant and competitive. Elastic Suite’s comprehensive solutions for scalable customization, including packages and bundles, product customization, and product configurators, offer a seamless and efficient way for wholesalers to cater to individual needs. By embracing customization, wholesalers can elevate customer experiences, enhance relationships, and ultimately, drive bottom-line growth in today’s wholesale ecosystem.

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