April 23 2024
Celebrating Earth Day 2024: Brands Making a Difference

Sustainability is a driving force for consumers, and 87% of Americans consciously choose to support companies aligned with causes they care about. At Elastic Suite, we stand alongside our brand partners who are committed to minimizing their environmental footprint. Beyond eliminating printed catalogs through the Elastic platform, these partners go the extra mile by embracing practices that contribute to a better world. In honor of this year’s global Earth Day, we’ve compiled a list of sustainable practices adopted by our brand partners to protect our planet. 


Ice Breaker  

Ice breaker is on a journey to become 100% plastic free and are 96.14% of the way there. They lead innovation with tools that nature provides to craft timeless, versatile pieces that are designed to withstand the test of time. They aim to be 100% plastic free by 2028 and are steadfast in their commitment.  


Crag Hoppers  

Crag Hoppers has worked alongside the Galapagos Conservation Trust (GCT) for 5 years now to aid in land and sea protection against plastic pollution. Over the last year their contribution to GCT has allowed them to designate shark and ray nursery sites, track whale sharks, and fight against pollution and illegal fishing on the Galapagos beaches. Read more about where their donations go to help protect our marine life.  



Cotopaxi has gained recognition not only for their exceptional products but also for their unwavering commitment to sustainability. As a certified B-Corp since 2015, they exemplify responsible business practices. To prioritize sustainability, they’ve committed to using recycled, repurposed, or responsibly sourced materials in all their products by 2025. They have also transitioned all retail stores to renewable energy and offer ways for consumers to shop for repurposed and recycled gear. Read more about how Cotopaxi has shaped their business to be sustainable by design here.  



Sustainability lies at the heart of Nemo Equipment’s mission. Making an impact for people and the planet, they strive for innovation in creating products that use fewer resources and last longer to keep gear out of the landfill. In their push to hold themselves accountable for carbon emissions, Nemo has realized a 22% reduction in emissions and hopes to cut all carbon emissions in half by 2030. Read more about how they’re striving to make adventure forever.  



Elastic Suite is committed to enabling our brand partners to adopt more environmentally responsible business practices. This is done through two methods within the wholesale and B2B commerce space – eliminating print and encouraging more thoughtful ordering.

By switching to digital catalogs, order forms and workbooks, brands can save thousands of invaluable, non-renewable resources. We’ve partnered with the Environmental Paper Network to build a calculator that helps brands realize how much they’re saving by eliminating printed catalogs. Find out how much you can save with our calculator.

The value of switching to digital solutions is exponential as brands who use Elastic’s ecommerce solutions can help their reps, distributors and retailers create more thoughtful assortments and reduce overproduction and unsold products. Multiship assortments and specialized order segmentation help retailers buy exactly what they need, when they need it, eliminating overstock and rushed orders.  Read more about the value of switching to digital B2B and wholesale commerce in our white paper.

Sales Lift

Increasing Sales Revenue

Did you know that transitioning to hybrid B2B selling can increase your wholesale revenue? In this white paper we dig into how reps can sell deeper into the line using digital and hybrid selling strategies, made possible with Elastic’s ecommerce solutions.
Cost Savings

Creating Cost-saving Efficiencies

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Print Elimination

Digital Transformation in B2B Sales

Printed sales materials are out-of-date, one-size-fits-none and most of all, wasteful. Learn how transitioning to digital catalogs and sales materials can improve your wholesale business. Marketing teams can focus on marketing, reps can be nimbler, and buyers can self-serve with Elastic’s ecommerce solutions.