December 07 2017
Elastic Expands Global Footprint

Elastic Suite, the leading B2B wholesale ecommerce and sales platform is quickly becoming the industry standard across the globe. Rapid success with many of the top apparel, footwear, and hard-goods manufacturers in North America has organically grown Elastic’s global footprint with market penetration in the European and Asian Pacific regions.

“With the ever evolving and challenging retail landscape, a more collaborative and organized presentation of product is required for both buy in and sell through. Elastic offers a tool that allows both manufacturers and their wholesale accounts to capture the best assortment to assure consumer attention and business at retail.”

-Josh Reddin, Elastic Suite, Founder & EVP

Expanded Solutions for Global Brands

One of our longest-standing clients and a leader in the surf lifestyle category, Hurley, is the most recent brand to expand Elastic Suite B2B in the Australian market. In order to maintain our best-in-class service for new and existing global clientele, Elastic has officially launched a fully staffed European office based in Barcelona, Spain.

“The history of success with Hurley in North America made this a simple decision. Elastic is a team of individuals who understand our business front and back. The platform will help drive efficiency and sales growth with full transparency to our world headquarters.”

Jason Ang, Operations Manager, Hurley

This new global office is designed to help our Customer Success team build relationships with brands and retailers across the globe. Our new operations mean we can offer language-specific training in each retailer’s preferred timezone that is tailored to each locale’s needs.

“We recognize our increasing list of global B2B clients warrant the same level of personalized support Elastic has provided for the last 7 years. Our newly established European home office allows us to be more attentive to existing and prospective clients.”

-Mike Mougin, Elastic Suite, COO

May 2021 Platform Upgrades: More Languages and enhanced Selling & Reporting Features

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Elastic Suite acquired by Emerald

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Reimagining of Elastic’s Customer Service driven by Global Needs and Rep & Retailer Success

Elastic’s Customer Success team creates new resources and processes driven by global needs and focus on client success.
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Sales Lift

Increasing Sales Revenue

Did you know that transitioning to hybrid B2B selling can increase your wholesale revenue? In this white paper we dig into how reps can sell deeper into the line using digital and hybrid selling strategies, made possible with Elastic’s ecommerce solutions.
Cost Savings

Creating Cost-saving Efficiencies

Save time and reduce friction across sales, marketing, customer service and IT teams with a streamlined B2B solution. Dive into the data on how integrating a seamless ecommerce solution can create cross-functional efficiencies, saving resources for your entire organization.
Print Elimination

Digital Transformation in B2B Sales

Printed sales materials are out-of-date, one-size-fits-none and most of all, wasteful. Learn how transitioning to digital catalogs and sales materials can improve your wholesale business. Marketing teams can focus on marketing, reps can be nimbler, and buyers can self-serve with Elastic’s ecommerce solutions.