October 23 2020
Reimagining of Elastic’s Customer Service driven by Global Needs and Rep & Retailer Success

Elastic’s Customer Success team creates new resources and processes driven by global needs and focus on client success.

The Elastic Customer Success Team, available 24/7 across the globe, has always been part of what sets us apart from our competitors. We work hand-in-hand with our manufacturing and brand partners to ensure that Elastic is continually focused on meeting the needs of reps, retailers, distributors, and others. But redefining what customer success means emphasizes a new focus on self-service and tailoring resources to our various types of users: brand representatives and specialty retailer buyers

With the addition of our newest team member, Lindsey Fischer, Director of Product Engagement, the Customer Success Team has rebuilt Elastic’s on-demand support resources from the ground up. By focusing on the two different user groups, the team created customized start up guides with step-by-step instructional videos to help every new user become an Elastic power user.

Expanded Global reach calls for International Customer Success Tools

With Elastic’s global growth comes the need to provide service across multiple time zones and languages. Because we now partner with brands and manufacturers like Reima, Black Crows, Dainese and Original Buff, the need for expanded customer outreach quickly followed. By serving brands in new markets, this means our retail partnerships have also grown. With these new partnerships comes the challenges of meeting their needs in their markets, time zones, and languages!

Our European team, based out of Barcelona, provides a customized approach to training by capitalizing on knowledge of local industries and the variances that can occur based on  location, language or even cultural standards.

We offer our training webinars in various languages provided by native speakers from our very own Customer Success, Development, and Project Management Teams. Additionally, our support site automatically translates content and video scripts based on the language from the reader’s browser settings.

Customer Success comes Full Circle

In addition to building new self-service resources, the team also adopted a new process to help smooth the transition from Sales to Project Management to Customer Success.

Two of the key differentiators that set Elastic apart from other marketplace options are our integration expertise and customer success strategies. We’ve now combined these two aspects of our teams by creating a transition process that allows our developers and project managers to create cohesion between client-side teams. This more streamlined process means that we execute client priorities from all sides including: business management, data integration, sales and marketing.

By focusing on internal collaboration we make the client-side process even easier. A cross-team kick-off meeting sets the stage for a collaborative project where each team can create efficiencies by utilizing all available resources. We are the data experts and our goal is to create functional data integrations by optimizing client-side resources, not simply by relying on data outputs. Clients deliver the data in whatever format is native to their systems, whether it’s flat file imports, database replication, API connections, or proprietary adapter technology for ERPs like NetSuite and SAP.

By closing the loop and creating a fully integrated team with both internal and client-side resources, we are able to deliver projects on time with enhanced feature sets and provide training and transparency for rep and retail users. This end-to-end collaboration ultimately leads to operational efficiencies, cost savings, improved sales revenues, sustainability benefits, and improved retailer relationships.It is also what truly sets Elastic apart from competitors in the marketplace.


To learn more about why Elastic’s Customer Success team is the right fit for your business, reach out to our sales team to request a demo

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