March 28 2023
Elastic Brings a More Strategic and Efficient Wholesale Process to Distributors

Brands, manufacturers, and distributors are creating more strategic relationships and streamlined selling processes with their retail partners through the Elastic B2B solution.

For product distributors serving the apparel, footwear and accessories brands,  Elastic Suite’s B2B technology platform can bring multiple bottom-line benefits. Distributors’ relationships with both wholesalers and retail partners are taken to an entirely new level of strategic selling and process efficiency. Elastic’s digital commerce solutions provide a seamless single platform to buyers across brands, products, and even verticals. 

“Elastic has taken our experience and innovation from serving a large portfolio of leading global brands and optimized the technology for the distributor wholesale merchandising model. Adoption of the platform by distributors is helping accelerate the growth of collaborative commerce across a diverse group of manufacturing verticals, brands, and specialty retailers.”

-Josh Reddin, EVP & Founder, Elastic Suite

Value for buyers & sellers

Brands, manufacturers, and distributors are creating more strategic relationships and streamlined selling processes with their retail partners through the Elastic B2B solution. Distributors play an important role in the adoption of technology through their multiple supplier relationships across a broad network of retailers. The distributor model creates easier access to the very best brands for buyers, and centralizing their commerce builds even more value. Retailers and buyers can access an entire distributor’s catalog of brands in one login, allowing for easier and more strategic buying. 

By centralizing the selling process for distributors, Elastic is moving commerce from transactional to transformational – emphasizing relationship-building rather than manual order entry processes. The value of a B2B is especially apparent for distributors because centralizing product data, pricing and catalogs helps to build strategic and segmented sales plans for buyers. Instead of disparate catalogs and inventory management across brands, distributors can create a much more holistic approach to B2B commerce.

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Kenny Thomas

(801) 232-2916

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