March 22 2023
Outdoor Market Alliance and Elastic Suite Announce Strategic Partnership 

The Outdoor Market Alliance (OMA), the emerging outdoor industry hub in the Denver metro area, has announced its official partnership with Elastic Suite, a next-generation wholesale B2B platform for streamlined efficiencies in purchasing and merchandising. As the OMA provides connections between brands, sales agencies, and specialty retail buyers, Elastic provides sophisticated technology to optimize business between all three.  

A collective of 25 independent sales and marketing agencies representing over 175 outdoor and active lifestyle brands, the OMA has emerged as a collaborative epicenter among outdoor industry brands, sales agencies, retailers, and more recently, media. It’s also a year-round destination for outdoor specialty retailers and their buyers who can now visit and do business in one convenient and permanent location, any day of the year.


“Our founding vision at OMA has always been one of new connections and new ways of doing things. We house dozens of sales reps and host hundreds of retail buyers looking for best-in-class solutions for getting business done as efficiently as possible. We’re excited to be working with Elastic as our preferred sales platform partner, and welcoming their team to interface with our brands and retailers both digitally and in-person at our market weeks and at future onsite events.” 

Axel Geittmann, president and founding board member of OMA


The OMA also hosts seasonal market weeks for its respective retailers to gather and plan their purchasing, with the next OMA Summer Market Week slated for June 5th-9th, 2023. Retailers and their buyers can learn more here.


“This partnership with OMA will allow us to connect with our power users on a more regular cadence. Just as OMA is available for the support and efficiency of retail buyers, Elastic can provide hands-on training for reps, helping to elevate their sales processes by optimizing the Elastic platform. It’s a win-win for everyone.” 

-Josh Reddin, EVP and founder of Elastic


About Outdoor Market Alliance

Outdoor Market Alliance is a collective of 25 independent sales and marketing agencies representing over 175 different brands in the outdoor, active lifestyle, resort, run and bike markets in the Rockies. Located in Lakewood, Colorado, the OMA physical location offers 32,000 square feet of showroom and community meeting space. OMA’s mission is two-fold: to elevate the experience for its brand partners and retailers through a fresh showroom venue, while acting responsibly to support community initiatives through its non-profit association. Each OMA agency commits time and monetary support to the environment, diversity and inclusivity in the outdoor markets. Learn more at 


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