April 20 2023
Celebrating Earth Day 2023

Elastic Suite is proud to support and celebrate our partners who are taking steps to reduce or alleviate environmental impact. To celebrate this year’s global Earth Day, we’ve compiled a list of ways our brand partners conserve and protect the earth. 



One of the most important ways for brands to reduce their environmental footprint is to create products that last. High-quality, durable materials mean that consumers have to buy less often, reducing waste and production resources. Artilect Studios creates highly technical products designed to be used over and over, across seasons and activities. In partnership with YKK, they are introducing repairable zipper technology in the 3L Formation shell and High AF Down Strech Parka. Because they are not usually repairable at home by the consumer, a broken or damaged zipper is the most common cause for returning or buying a new garment. By creating a zipper solution that any wearer can repair, Artilect is helping to keep their products in use for even longer. Read more about YKK & ARTILECT’s innovation




Sustainability is at tentree’s core, with every purchase planting 10 trees in ecosystems across the globe. Each piece of clothing is designed and produced with environmental impact in mind, including ethical manufacturing. Their recently launched line, Undyed Pallette, is created with fibers in their most natural, undyed and unprocessed state. Eliminating the need to dye fabrics reduces chemical pollution and water waste using 40% less water and 33% less electricity to process each garment. Read more about the Undyed Pallette from tentree here.



Helly Hansen

Helly Hansen will use PrimaLoft’s new Insulation with Ocean Bound Plastic. The high-performance material is produced with 100% post-consumer recycled content, with 60% of the material coming from wasted plastic bottles sourced within 50 kilometers/30 miles of coastal areas. Using ocean-bound materials not only prevents marine contamination but produces a high-quality, professional-grade product. Read more about PrimaLoft & Helly Hansen’s revolutionary product here. Helly Hansen will add the ocean-bound plastic technology to the ski category for 2023, on top of their existing product line for sailing.

“We are thrilled to introduce PrimaLoft Insulation with Ocean Bound Plastic to our ski category, allowing us to maintain our goal to provide professional grade gear to help people stay and feel alive, while supporting the positive environmental impact efforts of PrimaLoft and OceanCycle.”

-Øyvind Vedvik, VP Ski, Sailing & R&D, Helly Hansen



Patagonia is equally known for their mission as they are their products. Their newest effort towards sustainability is in the activism space, creating a non-profit that will raise funds for fighting climate change in fragile regions and ecosystems. While production and manufacturing creates the largest portion of carbon emissions, the most-impacted environments, and people, use these goods the least. Patagonia is extending their fight against the climate crises with the creation of the Home Planet Fund. The organization raises funds to serve the regions that are most impacted by the crisis. Read more about the Home Planet Fund and Patagonia’s other ecological impact efforts here.


“With the climate ecological crisis in the position that it’s in, and the vast amount of work that we need to do in the apparel industry….we wanted our message to be more a call to action for our mission statement. We’re in business to save our home planet.”

-Aileen Ottenweller, Head of Brand & Business Impact, Patagonia


Nidecker built sustainability into their core business model by focusing on sustainable and ethical production, adopting a 1% giveback model but also by creating a community activism program called Stash the Trash. Each summer, Nidecker empowers their own team members and their global riders to gather friends and family to clean up recreational spaces like trails, beaches and riverbanks, in partnership with the Swiss Summit Foundation. You can read more about how to set up your own Stash The Trash Clean Up day here.




Elastic Suite is committed to enabling our brand partners to adopt more environmentally responsible business practices. This is done through two methods within the wholesale and B2B commerce space – eliminating print and encouraging more thoughtful ordering.

By switching to digital catalogs, order forms and workbooks, brands can save thousands of invaluable, non-renewable resources. We’ve partnered with the Environmental Paper Network to build a calculator that helps brands realize how much they’re saving by eliminating printed catalogs. Find out how much you can save with our calculator.

The value of switching to digital solutions is exponential as brands who use Elastic’s ecommerce solutions can help their reps, distributors and retailers create more thoughtful assortments and reduce overproduction and unsold products. Multiship assortments and specialized order segmentation help retailers buy exactly what they need, when they need it, eliminating overstock and rushed orders.  Read more about the value of switching to digital B2B and wholesale commerce in our white paper.

Sales Lift

Increasing Sales Revenue

Did you know that transitioning to hybrid B2B selling can increase your wholesale revenue? In this white paper we dig into how reps can sell deeper into the line using digital and hybrid selling strategies, made possible with Elastic’s ecommerce solutions.
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Creating Cost-saving Efficiencies

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Print Elimination

Digital Transformation in B2B Sales

Printed sales materials are out-of-date, one-size-fits-none and most of all, wasteful. Learn how transitioning to digital catalogs and sales materials can improve your wholesale business. Marketing teams can focus on marketing, reps can be nimbler, and buyers can self-serve with Elastic’s ecommerce solutions.