October 04 2021
Elastic Suite Enters Scuba Diving Category with New Client Aqualung

Elastic Suite has entered yet another new manufacturing vertical with the addition of Aqualung, the definitive brand leader in the global scuba diving category. With Elastic, Aqualung is seeking a more streamlined wholesale merchandising and purchasing interface with retailers while achieving greater levels of sustainability through digital product catalogs.

“To begin serving the scuba diving industry by partnering with such an iconic brand like Aqualung is an incredible opportunity for Elastic and our entire team. We look forward to helping Aqualung develop more collaborative and profitable relationships with their retail partners while building greater brand value that flows all the way through to individual consumers.”

-Josh Reddin, Founder & EVP, Elastic Suite

Dive shops and associated retailers can now virtually access Aqualung’s product lines via Elastic’s leading digital technology platform that provides a much more strategic, streamlined and curated approach to wholesale purchasing. The rollout represents a major upgrade to the company’s B2B sales and merchandising process that will result in an enhanced buying experience for retailers.

“Elastic Suite’s leading ecommerce design and highly collaborative feature set will directly enable an improved business-to-business experience with our brands. The tool greatly enhances access to the product offer and inspires more coordinated engagement and collaboration with our core retail partners. It also plays a direct role in the advancement of our modernization initiatives, and complements our sustainability ambitions by reducing reliance on print and related materials.”

– Andrew Gritzbaugh, General Manager of Aqualung Group North America


For more information and perspective, please see the Dive News Wire industry media coverage here.


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