October 07 2022
Exploding Consumer Demands Tees up the Golf Industry for the Next Wave of Technology-Enabled Wholesale

Due to the unprecedented growth of the golf industry over the last 3 years, previous ways of conducting B2B business have been registered as ineffective against the sheer demand for both soft and hard golf goods. With 3.2 million new players on the golf course, the growth has presented a new necessity for a more streamlined infrastructure to support both retailers and manufacturers. As the rise of a new technology-enabled era in the golf industry presents itself, Elastic stands as a front runner to empower brands during this evolution.   

Technology- Enabled B2B & “Hole-Sale”

Elastic’s next-generation B2B platform has emerged as the most preferred wholesale purchasing and merchandising technology among brands across numerous lifestyle, recreation and sporting goods verticals. In addition to brands such as TravisMathew, G&G Golf, ACI Brands and Puma Cobra serving the golf sector, Elastic helps manufacturers, retailers and distributors adopt a more sustainable approach to B2B sales while achieving efficiency-driven cost savings and incremental sales growth.



Keeping up with Demand through Digital B2B

Brands such as Swannies and Vuori aren’t just succeeding, but instead are growing rapidly with no end in sight. By becoming technology-enabled they and other leading golf brands are able to meet this growth through a single-platform commerce experience, creating a more streamlined purchasing process than ever before.

After implementing digital B2B sales process, golf brands have benefitted heavily from their investment. Over the course of 2019 to 2021 various golf brands using Elastic saw a 131.76% increase in the number of orders placed yearly, while each the average cart value also increased by 28.5%* Not only are these brands selling more orders at a higher value, but they’re also opening more retail doors than before they began using Elastic.

*Based on Elastic’s own Business Intelligence & Analytics tracking

The Future of Golf B2B

This feature-rich approach to conducting wholesale business is revolutionizing the way the golf industry operates and evolving it into a technology-enabled industry. Elastic’s reach into the golf industry has brought on a partnership with the Association of Golf Merchandisers (AGM) as the Presenting Diamond Level Sponsor of AGM’s Certified Retail Management Program, one of the association’s key educational resources for golf retailers.








As the market continues to grow and evolve, manufacturers, independent reps, distributors and retailers will now be able to meet demand through streamlined sales processes, and order placing and management efficiencies.

Sales Lift

Increasing Sales Revenue

Did you know that transitioning to hybrid B2B selling can increase your wholesale revenue? In this white paper we dig into how reps can sell deeper into the line using digital and hybrid selling strategies, made possible with Elastic’s ecommerce solutions.
Cost Savings

Creating Cost-saving Efficiencies

Save time and reduce friction across sales, marketing, customer service and IT teams with a streamlined B2B solution. Dive into the data on how integrating a seamless ecommerce solution can create cross-functional efficiencies, saving resources for your entire organization.
Print Elimination

Digital Transformation in B2B Sales

Printed sales materials are out-of-date, one-size-fits-none and most of all, wasteful. Learn how transitioning to digital catalogs and sales materials can improve your wholesale business. Marketing teams can focus on marketing, reps can be nimbler, and buyers can self-serve with Elastic’s ecommerce solutions.