January 14 2022
Meet the Maker: Lotus and Luna

As Elastic brings next-generation B2B technology within the reach of an increasing number of brands and product manufacturers, some new and unique businesses are coming onto the platform. Such is the case for one of Elastic’s newest clients, Lotus and Luna, a company on a humanitarian mission to benefit women from poverty stricken rural villages in Southeast Asia.

Through a truly revolutionary business model, Lotus and Luna has created a growing cooperative of more than 300 individual artisans from four small villages in northern Thailand. The products include handcrafted jewelry, apparel and accessories that are brought to market throughout the world, something that the collective’s individual members could never have accomplished on their own.

By utilizing Elastic’s digital B2B merchandising, Lotus and Luna is poised to take the business to even new heights. Access to our Digital Market is fostering increased sales through expanded retailer relationships while at the same time helping to amplify the company’s humanitarian mission and message.

The core focus of Lotus and Luna is helping women break the cycle of poverty created by the limitations of subsistence level and physically taxing manual labor occupations in their local areas. These women are now being empowered with skills as talented artisans. This creates for them not only vastly increased earning opportunities, but the ability to work directly from their homes with an improved quality of life, job stability, paid vacation time and other benefits. Before the creation of Lotus and Luna, these life changing improvements were simply unattainable for these women.

And not only is the company making a major impact to the small village economies in rural Thailand but is following a sustainable approach to both manufacturing and resource usage in their product production. These principles go hand in hand with Elastic’s ability help manufacturers boost their commitment to sustainability by eliminating printed B2B sales and marketing materials through our industry-leading digital solutions.

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