August 13 2021
Elastic Suite Connects with Brands and Retailers at Outdoor Retailer

Denver, CO (13 Aug 2021) –  At Emerald’s Outdoor Retailer Summer 2021 that took place August 10-12 at the Colorado Convention Center in Denver, the Elastic Suite team experienced a very successful show while demonstrating to attendees the company’s industry leading B2B technology.  By connecting with numerous brands and retailers over three days at the show, our team helped existing and prospective Elastic users gain a greater understanding of the platform’s capabilities to enhance the profitability and sustainability of brand-to-retailer wholesale commerce.

Central to fostering greater collaboration between buyers and suppliers was the introduction of Emerald’s single-platform approach to product sourcing for retailers.  This is happening through development of both the Elastic Lite version of the platform for smaller brands, and Emerald’s Digital Market that fosters 24/7, 365-day brand-to-retailer engagement via the Elastic platform.  Through this approach, Elastic is truly revolutionizing B2B ecommerce through a much more streamlined and efficient wholesale merchandising and purchasing process.

“Our experience at this year’s Outdoor Retailer show was overwhelmingly positive on so many levels. From the constant flow of traffic at our booth, to the numerous platform demos we conducted, to our successful panel discussion of industry experts and to the positive feedback we received from many attendees, we can definitely say that the show exceeded our expectations.  While the exhibit floor occupied a smaller physical space than in year’s past and the show happened much later than normal for the season, the show itself was very active and constantly busy which is a very good sign for the many businesses that serve the outdoor space.”

– Maddie Olhoeft, Marketing Manager, Elastic Suite

Elastic’s industry panel discussion titled “The Future of B2B: Building Better Relationships Between Brands and Buyers,” was attended by approximately 130 individuals representing both brands and retailers. Panelists included:  Jonathan Frederick, US Manager, Rab and Lowe Alpine; Stephanie Mason, Sales Coordinator, KAVU; Josh Reddin, Emerald EVP, Elastic Suite; (name), (title), Fin & Feather Retailer; and moderator Sarah Schuster, Attendee Relations Manager, Outdoor Retailer.  The discussion covered a variety to topics relevant to current trends and issues impacting brand-to-retailer B2B ecommerce and included responses to audience questions.

“The robust attendance at our industry panel discussion helped illustrate the importance of this topic for both outdoor buyers and suppliers. Elastic will continue to stage these types of forums to foster open and constructive discussion related to using B2B technology to help strengthen relationships between brands and retailers.”

– Maddie Olhoeft, Marketing Manager, Elastic Suite

Elastic’s presence at Outdoor Retailer included a sustainability display in the main lobby that illustrated the number of trees, energy and water consumed as well as the carbon dioxide and solid waste generated from printing B2B sales catalogs.  Elastic also sponsored single source recycling bins throughout the convention center where attendees were encouraged to properly dispose of recyclable waste.

The Outdoor Daily, a news magazine covering the daily happenings at Outdoor Retailer, featured Elastic in their coverage.  Please read the story here.

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