July 24 2020

PlumRiver Enhances Elastic Platform User Training and Education

Elastic is pleased to welcome Lindsey to the team, signaling a renewed focus on retailer relations and education for our B2B ecommerce platform.


Lindsey Fischer Joins Technology Team as Director of Product Engagement 

As part of a global effort to enhance the brand and retailer user experience with their industry-leading Elastic Suite B2B ecommerce platform, PlumRiver Technologies has hired Lindsey Fischer as the company’s new director of product engagement.  Lindsey comes to PlumRiver from VF Corporation where she helped lead the transition to digital wholesale merchandising on the Elastic platform for leading outdoor brand The North Face.

“Enhancing our user education and training for Elastic will help both manufacturers and retailers realize a much more collaborative and efficient digital merchandising experience. When fully utilizing the technology, the wholesale purchasing relationship between buyer and supplier is taken to a much more strategic level.  With Lindsey’s impressive experience utilizing Elastic for an iconic brand like The North Face and their retail partners, she will help users on both sides of the purchase maximize the benefits when using our next-generation B2B ecommerce platform.”

-Josh Reddin, CEO, PlumRiver Technologies

When leading PlumRiver’s education and training programming Lindsey’s primary focus will be to create a cohesive community of Elastic users while fostering stronger and more collaborative wholesale purchasing relationships between retailers and their supplier brands. Optimizing their use of Elastic through more focused training will empower both brands and retailers respond to challenging market conditions with a simpler and more standardized approach to B2B ecommerce.  The education and training programming will be geared toward achieving a higher level of brand-to-retailer collaboration from product inception and development, wholesale purchasing, in-store merchandising and ultimately delivering greater value to end consumers.

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Product engagement and training to improve retailer relations and create operational efficiencies

In her new role, Lindsey will direct all programming for product engagement with Elastic in the following key ways:

  • Develop training and education curriculum tailored for both brand sales reps and retailer wholesale buyers that will optimize the use of the Elastic platform throughout all aspects of the B2B sales process.
  • Conduct user community webinars and round table discussions to educate Elastic users, create collaborative information sharing and gather feedback from both brands and retailers on user best practices.
  • Communicate with the Elastic user community regularly on the latest news, marketplace trends, industry information, data analytics and insights.
  • Create internal training opportunities within PlumRiver Technologies to help employees provide best-in-class customer service across the entire community of Elastic users.
  • Play a key role in helping PlumRiver lead the current marketplace technology evolution as both brands and retailers migrate to a more streamlined, sustainable and standardized approach to B2B ecommerce and wholesale digital merchandising.

Lindsey Fischer comes to PlumRiver Technologies as a seasoned professional with the skill set and experience to help the company elevate its education and training function through her new role as director of product engagement.  In addition to her eight years of experience with The North Face, where she helped launch and optimize the Elastic platform, she also most recently directed all brand strategy, product management, sales enablement and marketplace management for VF Corporation’s JanSport brand.  She also has significant wholesale buying experience on the retailer side of the business at the headquarters of major retailers Macy’s and Mervyns in the San Francisco Bay Area. Lindsey holds a bachelor’s degree from California State University, East Bay.  On weekends you will find Lindsey with her family on a trail, at the beach or in a campsite.  She considers herself always ready for any adventure, at work or play.

Connect with Lindsey on LinkedIn. 

“I am so proud to join this team, because now more than ever buyers and reps need smart and flexible digital solutions that help to make doing business both easier and more effective,” said Lindsey.  “I know firsthand the power that the Elastic platform provides.  I am beyond excited to lead training and engagement for this company to help strengthen their position as the industry leader in both innovation and B2B merchandising technology.”


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