December 15 2020
Multiple Scandinavian Brands Optimize B2B Ecommerce with Elastic

Wholesale Merchandising, Digital Catalogs and Retailer Enhancements

Leading brands throughout Norway, Sweden and Finland seeking to optimize their merchandising relationships with retail partners have selected Elastic Suite  as their wholesale ecommerce solution. Helly Hansen, Dale of Norway, Reima, Fjällräven, Haglöfs, Devold of Norway, Madshus, Kari Traa,  Daehli, Sweet Protection, Daehli, Houdini, Klättemusen, Johaug and Odlo are among the Scandinavian brands that have deployed or are in the process of rolling out Elastic to retailers across their respective global market regions.

Common among these manufacturers serving the winter sports, outdoor and lifestyle product categories is their desire for an enhanced virtual merchandising capability with retailers, a more sustainable B2B sales approach through digital product catalogs and a more efficient, cost effective wholesale purchasing process. This trend illustrates how Elastic is becoming the preferred technology platform as both brands and retailers desire a more consistent, efficient and collaborative wholesale ecommerce experience.

“The marketplace is driving the evolution toward standardization in B2B sales and merchandising technology and it’s becoming increasingly clear that Elastic has emerged as the standard of choice. As these brands across the Scandinavian region and their retailer partners throughout the world are demonstrating, the Elastic platform is the preferred virtual wholesale purchasing solution and delivers the results they are seeking.”

-Johan Westerholm, European Director, Elastic Suite

Highlights summarizing these brands’ initiatives and experience with Elastic include:

Virtual Merchandising

All of the Scandinavian brands are using the Elastic platform as their virtual merchandising solution in response to current market conditions without traditional trade shows and in-person sales events.

B2B Print Elimination

Completely eliminating printed product catalogs and B2B sales workbooks with Elastic’s digital solutions is the goal of all of the brands.  Houdini and the entire Active Brands group of Kari Traa, Björn Daehli, Johaug and Sweet Protection have already gone 100% print free. Klättemusen is on the cusp of print elimination, while Helly Hansen, Odlo, Dale of Norway, Reima, Fjällräven, Haglöfs, Devold of Norway and Madshus are all moving toward that goal.

Sales Segmentation

With the vertical segments of outdoor, winter sports and lifestyle covered by these brands, combined with diverse market regions and consumer demographics across the globe, this large group of Scandinavian brands is using Elastic’s portfolio of features to pursue effective and profitable B2B sales segmentation strategies.

Preseason Sell-in and Ordering

The current absence of trade shows and other in-person sales meetings has created a need for a strong virtual preseason sell-in and ordering capability with retailers, for which all of the brands are utilizing Elastic to successfully conduct their preseason business.

Retailer Adoption

Because Elastic is addressing the critical need for a simpler, streamlined and standardized wholesale purchasing experience for retailers, all of the Scandinavian brands are rolling out the platform to include full access by their retail partners in their respective market regions throughout the world.

Elastic helps manufacturers, retailers and distributors adopt a more sustainable approach to B2B sales while achieving efficiency-driven cost savings and incremental sales growth.  Sustainability and cost savings come through streamlined order entry, digital catalogs, eliminating printed sales materials, resource optimization, inventory management, online payment functionality and product sample reduction.  Increased sales revenues come through brand-specific retailer/dealer applications, sales rep tools, strategic sales planning, digital merchandising, product customization, managing complex pricing incentive programs, assortment planning tools, history-driven selling, strengthening brand equity, segmented sales capability, increased client acquisition/retention and enhanced product presentations.

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