October 1 2020

Virtual Sell-In Guide

Download the Virtual Sell-In Guide for useful information about transitioning your pre-season sell in and merchandising meetings to digital platforms.


A switch to virtual and digital doesn’t mean you have to give up the personalization you work hard to prepare for each meeting. Because of the very visual nature of digital merchandising your B2B ecommerce platform is a natural fit with virtual sell-in opportunities. You can still conduct full sales presentations, line showings, create assortments, build orders and finalize sales as easily as during an in-person meeting. This guide has detailed information on how to access and utilize these digital tools.


A Detailed Breakdown of all the Tools you Need

  1. Video Conferencing Solutions
  2. Enhanced Digital Catalog Assets
  3. Product Line Videos
  4. Digital Asset Management

Video Conferencing Solutions

We recommend to go with either Google Meet or ClickMeeting because of their ease of integration. Before you host your first live virtual sales meeting, doing a dry run of the virtual sales presentation internally among colleagues is a good best practice. 


Enhanced Digital Assets

Because your client can’t touch and feel the actual product samples, digital product images become your most valuable sales asset. Using enhanced imagery like 360 photos, close up or textural shots, and inspirational or lifestyle photos help show off your products so your client can truly visualize them in-store. 


Product Line Videos

Video production can be very costly, but good quality images and basic post-production editing can bring your product line to life. Keep your videos short and simple and organize by product or category for easy presentation. 


Digital Asset Management

Between catalogs, photos and videos, your digital assets can easily get lost, especially if you’re customizing each presentation. Using a digital asset management system is vital to keeping organized and helps keep virtual meetings flowing smoothly.