September 08 2020
Children’s Wear: Wholesale Growth in $250 Billion Vertical

Children’s Brands Reima and Tank Stream Design Partner with Elastic Suite

Elastic Suite recently signed several global kid’s wear manufacturers. Finnish manufacturer Reima and Australian Tank Stream Design have all chosen the industry-leading Elastic B2B digital merchandising platform. This represents a continued growth opportunity for Elastic as the global children’s wear market is currently estimated at $252 billion in annual sales and is expected to grow to $326 billion by 2027, according to data from the market research firm Global Industry Analysts, Inc.

“The diversity of brands and expected growth within this vertical, along with the trendy nature of consumer preferences for kid’s apparel, makes Elastic’s wholesale ecommerce technology a natural fit for both manufacturers and retailers serving this growing market segment. Our entire team looks forward to working with Reima, Kidiliz Group and Tank Stream Design to help them pursue a more strategic, streamlined, and sustainable approach to B2B merchandising and sales.”

-Josh Reddin, Founder & EVP, Elastic Suite

Reima’s motivation in choosing Elastic is the platform’s next-generation wholesale merchandising technology to help develop a robust virtual B2B capability in response to current market conditions. During their initial rollout, the premium kid’s wear brand is deploying Elastic in support of their diverse children’s wear product lines across their network of company stores and retail partners throughout Scandinavia and Europe. This first phase will be followed by deploying the platform in Reima’s additional global regions of Russia and North America.

Growth across the vertical leads toward industry standardization

The flexibility of features on the Elastic platform is helping Australian lifestyle apparel and resort product manufacturer Tank Stream Design pursue their unique product segmentation approach of personalizing designs for specific store locations. This includes the company’s unique Earth Nymph children’s destination apparel, as well as Millymook and Dozer kid’s headwear products. The rollout covers Tank Stream Design’s worldwide retail partner network including Australia, New Zealand, United States, the Caribbean, Japan, and Canada.

Elastic helps manufacturers, retailers and distributors adopt a more sustainable approach to B2B sales while achieving efficiency-driven cost savings and incremental sales growth. Sustainability and cost savings come through streamlined order entry, digital catalogs, eliminating printed sales materials, resource optimization, inventory management, online payment functionality and product sample reduction. Increased sales revenues come through brand-specific retailer/dealer applications, sales rep tools, strategic sales planning, digital merchandising, product customization, managing complex pricing incentive programs, assortment planning tools, history-driven selling, strengthening brand equity, segmented sales capability, increased client acquisition/retention and enhanced product presentations.

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