November 10 2020
Scott Sports Elevates Wholesale Merchandising Capability with Elastic Suite

Legendary cycling, winter sports, running, and motorsports megabrand Scott Sports chooses Elastic

Digital Product Catalogs to Create a More Sustainable Approach to B2B Marketing and Sales

Scott Sports, the leading equipment, apparel, and accessory megabrand covering the cycling, winter sports, running and motorsports sectors, has partnered with Elastic Suite for B2B ecommerce & digital merchandising. By deploying Elastic for collaboration between its sales force and retail partners, Scott Sports expects to elevate the company’s approach to wholesale merchandising across all verticals it serves, with an aim to achieve new levels of strategic sales capability, process efficiency, and sustainability.

Strengthening Sustainability Commitments

The addition of industry-leading digital catalog and assortment planning technology from Elastic illustrates how Scott Sports is taking a major step to strengthen their growing commitment to sustainable business practices by reducing and eliminating printed B2B sales materials. The rollout is consistent with the company’s Re-Source by Scott, a key initiative designed to promote corporate responsibility while focusing on three key pillars: people, product and planet.

“Working with such a legendary brand like Scott Sports, that serves numerous vertical market segments with a broad and diverse product portfolio, is a perfect match for the streamlining and sustainability benefits of the Elastic platform. We are eagerly looking forward to working together with Scott’s sales and technology teams to ensure a seamless integration with their current business processes and with their retailers.”

-David Lampert, Director of Sales, Elastic Suite

The Elastic rollout will cover the entire United States market region for Scott Sports and include every product category across all of the brand’s market segments of cycling, winter sports, running and motorsports.  Elastic’s digital custom catalog builder and feature-rich assortment planning tools will help eliminate printed product catalogs and sales workbooks while bringing a high level of virtual B2B sales capability to both retailers and company sales reps.

“We’ve had our eye on Elastic for a long time now and have seen the dramatic impact their technology has made on transforming wholesale merchandising across many industries, including the market segments we serve. With the shift toward more virtual B2B sales in the current environment, and with the greater sustainability provided by eliminating printed product catalogs, we’ve found the ideal partner with Elastic. We anticipate and welcome the multiple benefits that will come from using their innovative digital solutions.”

-Topher Plimpton, Sport Division Manager, Scott Sports


Elastic helps manufacturers retailers and distributors adopt a more sustainable approach to B2B sales while achieving efficiency-driven cost savings and incremental sales growth.  Sustainability and cost savings come through streamlined order entry, digital catalogs, eliminating printed sales materials, resource optimization, inventory management, online payment functionality and product sample reduction.  Increased sales revenues come through brand-specific retailer/dealer applications, sales rep tools, strategic sales planning, digital merchandising, product customization, managing complex pricing incentive programs, assortment planning tools, history-driven selling, strengthening brand equity, segmented sales capability, increased client acquisition/retention and enhanced product presentations.

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