An Enhanced Wholesale Buying and Merchandising Experience
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A Buyer’s Perspective from Neptune Mountaineering

Erin Johnson, Apparel Buyer with Neptune Mountaineering, describes how Elastic is the best and most comprehensive wholesale purchasing platform for retailers. Elastic’s enhanced order entry, merchandise planning, real-time inventory and cross-brand merchandising features help retailers streamline the product acquisition process and maximize retail sales. Real-time access to digital images and product line status via the Elastic platform helps for more strategic retail merchandising at the store level. Managing multiple brands on a single platform is a major advantage for Neptune Mountaineering resulting in time savings and a more streamlined sales management process.

Related Resources
Related Resources

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Sales Lift
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Print Elimination

Eliminating printed B2B sales materials including catalogs, workbooks, and line sheets has impacts beyond the environment. Learn about how switching to digital can money and non-renewable resources.