Boost B2B sales with enhanced assets & brand storytelling

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The greatest advantage of using digital B2B sales materials is the ability to create superior customer experiences with enhanced product assets and compelling brand storytelling. In this guide, we discuss the advantages of elevated content and how to create the best ecommerce experience possible.

Insights include:

  • Enhancing assets to improve sales
  • Writing compelling product descriptions
  • Leveraging brand storytelling

    Why enhancing digital assets boosts sales


    As brands continue to replace their printed catalogs with digital tools, having assets like videos, alternate product photos, or on-model imagery is becoming vital. The key to optimizing the entire wholesale ecommerce process is to showcase products with experiential digital assets.



    Enhanced Digital Assets


    B2B and wholesale commerce is transforming to be more like the traditional commerce experience, meaning buyers need assets that show rather than tell.

    As brands are continuing to replace their printed catalogs with digital tools, the importance of having assets like videos, alternate product photos, on-model imagery is becoming more and more evident.



    Product Detail Pages


    When paired with enhanced digital assets, accurate and compelling product descriptions are equally important for both buyers and sellers.

    We walk you through all the preparation and execution processes you need to enhance the impact of your product detail pages.



    Brand Storytelling


    Storytelling brings your products to life. Use marketing and brand storytelling to position your products in real life, just as your end customers will see and use them.

    Using enhanced digital assets and B2B merchandising can support a brand story that more strongly engages retail partners and ultimately motivates individual consumers at sell-through, too.

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