Utilizing Digital Product Catalogs to Streamline B2B Sales
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No Samples, No Problem – The Most Complete B2B Featuring Rab and Lowe Alpine

Elastic Sales Manager Sawyer Frank works with Rab and Lowe Alpine to fine tune their use of Elastic for the best curative approach and to maximize retail sales revenue. Elastic’s ability to scale their global company in a way that benefits local retail outlets was key, says Chris Tennal, US President, of Rab and Lowe Alpine.

Chris describes how retail stores effectively use the platform to more seamlessly and easily transition between sales seasons. Elastic proves valuable in quickly identifying products no longer in the current line and more strategically creating the optimum product mix for the upcoming selling season. Rab and Lowe Alpine adopted a comprehensive set of digital merchandising tools on the Elastic platform to help retail outlets operate more efficiently and profitably. Learn how the company used Elastic to successfully conduct business and close B2B sales with large retailers at a major industry trade show without the use of any product samples.

Related Resources
Related Resources

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