Elastic Suite Referral Program Terms & Conditions:

This Agreement is made in partnership with Emerald X, LLC /dba Elastic Suite (“ELASTIC SUITE”), for the purpose of creating a Referral Program Partnership.


Acceptance & Eligibility:

Referrer will refer qualified prospects to Elastic Suite for the purpose of engaging with, and potentially onboarding, prospect to the Elastic platform.


Eligibility criteria:
  • Must be 18 years or older and a resident of the United States.
  • May not be an employee of Emerald X, LLC or Elastic Suite, or an immediate family member of any such employee
  • Must provide a prospect target that is not a current active opportunity within the Elastic Suite opportunity pipeline past the stage of a delivered cost proposal.
  • Must submit request through elasticsuite.com/referralprogram for prospect approval.
  • Must send an initial meeting invitation and be in attendance for introductory sales discovery meeting with Elastic Suite sales representative.
  • Duplicate prospects will be accepted in the order in which they are received.
  • Prospect must sign contract within 12 months of initial introduction in order for Referrer to qualify for compensation.


Referral Fees & Incentives:

A Referral Fee payment is available for each qualified prospect introduction that results in a fully executed Elastic Suite subscription contract.

  • $500 Payment by gift card for qualified Elastic Essential customer.
  • $1,000 Payment by gift card for qualified Elastic Enterprise customer.
  • Payment will be split evenly for customers with multiple approved referral prospects.


Execution of Payment:
  • Gift card will be delivered to Referrer following the referred client’s first invoice payment, as outlined in the fully executed Master Services Agreement between Elastic Suite and referred client.
  • Gift Card will be delivered to Referrer electronically by email.
  • For amounts over $600 per calendar year, Referrer must fill out and complete a W9 in order to receive payment.
  • If for any reason Referrer refuses to complete a W9, a payout of $599 can be issued as a one-time payment for referral.