Elevating the Customer Experiences:

Enhanced Visual Assets & Curated Content

In the dynamic landscape of business-to-business (B2B) sales, the traditional methods of pitching products and services have undergone a remarkable transformation. The shift towards enabled B2B selling has revolutionized the customer experience, placing enhanced visual assets and curated content at the forefront.

Businesses that focus on personalization can have up to 25% higher conversion rates and a 15% increase in revenue.

This evolution not only benefits the brand seller but also provides substantial value to the buyer, creating a win-win scenario for all stakeholders involved. Elastic Suite provides a platform to support digital transformation for brands and their customers, enabling product curation, collaboration and organization to deliver personalized digital customer experiences.


Creating a New Customer Experience:

Incorporating Enhanced Visual Assets


Gone are the days when B2B sales pitches were limited to text-heavy documents and dull presentations. Elastic Suite brings together the power of enhanced visual assets, utilizing engaging imagery, videos, infographics, and interactive content, in addition to product details and specs in one place. A buyer’s innate preference is to consume visual content first and, secondly, product information and specs. Such visual assets transcend language barriers, enabling buyers and sellers to communicate effectively to a global audience.

Curating Content for Customize Selling


An effective B2B sales enablement solution is not a one-size-fits-all approach. Elastic Suite recognizes the diversity of buyers’ needs and preferences and enables the seller to create tailored customer content accordingly. Customized selling involves curating content that addresses specific pain points, industry challenges, and desired outcomes for each potential customer. This approach builds a stronger connection between the brand and the buyer, showcasing a deep understanding of their unique requirements and personalizing the offering to their needs specifically.

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Building Value for Brands & Manufacturers:

Sales & Marketing Collaboration


The Elastic Suite platform bridges the gap between sales and marketing teams. Collaborative efforts between these two crucial teams ensure that the content created is not only on-brand and visually appealing but to ultimately prepare and support sales reps to have high-value conversations with prospects.

“Organizations need to invest in technologies that provide real-time access to specific data, so reps can align themselves with what their prospects want and need – not what they already know.”

– Kurt Andersen, for Adobe

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Accelerating the Sales Pipeline


The synergy between enhanced visual assets and curated content significantly accelerates the sales process. Buyers are more likely to move through the sales funnel quickly when presented with compelling visuals and personalized content that directly addresses their pain points.

Most buyers are unhappy with the information that sales rep provide and 75% of decision makers believe sales reps are underprepared for meetings.

Brands that invest in enabling their sellers with Elastic Suite to create curated content can not only improve time-to-close but also increase the value of each individual sale.

Competitive Market Position


In a competitive B2B landscape, differentiation is key. Elastic Suite’s sales enablement features provide a unique opportunity for brands and manufacturers to stand out by offering a visually immersive and tailored experience for their prospective customers. This approach not only attracts potential buyers but also positions the brand as innovative and customer-centric, setting it apart from competitors relying on outdated sales methods.

Brands that don’t lead the way in customer experience will be left behind and will undoubtedly lose out on revenue opportunities.

Time & Efficiency Gains


One of the standout benefits for sellers is the time-saving aspect of enabled B2B selling with Elastic Suite. The availability of expertly curated materials means that sellers don’t have to start from scratch for every pitch, or default to sending the same standard one-pagers or catalogs.

Instead, they can utilize a library of engaging content and prepared specs sheets, allowing them to focus on personalizing the packages rather than reinventing the wheel for every interaction. This efficiency not only improves the sales close rate, but also enhances the overall buying experience for customers.

Assets for Marketers


From the marketing perspective, Elastic Suite streamlines the content creation process. With a focus on building high-quality visual assets and curated content, marketers can invest their efforts upfront to develop assets that have a longer shelf life. This reduces the need for constant content generation and empowers marketers to allocate their time to other strategic initiatives.


56% of Enterprise CMOs are dedicating budgets in 2024 to enhanced customer experience.


Value for  the Buyer & Customer:

Informed Decision Making


For buyers, Elastic Suite’s enabled B2B selling platform is a game-changer in terms of making informed decisions. Visual assets and curated content empower buyers with comprehensive information about products, packages, and solutions. Instead of sifting through lengthy workbooks or deciphering complex spec sheets, buyers can engage with content that presents information in a clear, concise, and visually appealing manner. This transparency fosters trust and confidence in the brand.

Visual Process Driven by Asset-Rich Marketing Materials


The adage “a picture is worth a thousand words” holds true in B2B selling as well. Asset-rich marketing materials provide buyers with a visual roadmap of what the brand offers. Whether it’s a demonstration of a product’s functionality, a video showcasing the benefits of a cornerstone style or an infographic highlighting compatibility between products, these visuals simplify the decision-making process. Buyers can grasp the essence of offerings quickly, aiding them in evaluating how well the product aligns with their needs.

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Client Case Study:

Asset-Rich Marketing in Action


One of Elastic Suite’s clients, a leading enterprise Kitchen & Bath Appliance Manufacturer, takes advantage of the Custom Collections feature to enhance their buyer’s journey with builders & designers along every step of the B2B process.


• Sellers were unable to provide timely follow-up with personalized sales collateral

• Marketing team was backlogged with requests for custom assets & catalogs

• Long lead-times led sellers to create their own collateral without branding or standardization

• Assets were inconsistent and a constant pain point for both sales and marketing teams


• Increased win rates due to dramatically improved sales response time, from days to minutes

• Over 450 custom collections created in less than 6 months

• Beautiful, branded and customized collateral showcasing product breadth with up-to-date product information

• Ability for sellers to self-serve while ensuring brand consistency

• Efficiencies across sales, marketing and enablement teams



Empowered & accelerated B2B sales

Elastic Suite introduces a revolutionary digital solution that places enhanced visual assets and curated content at the heart of the buyer’s CX journey. This approach redefines traditional B2B sales methods, benefiting brands, manufacturers, and customers alike. Through cross-team collaboration, acceleration of sales, competitive positioning, and time-saving efficiency gains, manufacturers can leverage this approach to create a lasting impact.

For buyers, the value lies in well-informed decision-making processes and a visual journey that simplifies complex choices.

As the B2B landscape continues to evolve, Elastic Suite’s sales enablement solutions stands as a beacon of innovation and customer-centricity.

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