Maximizing B2B Sales Through Digital Assortment Planning
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Driving Sales Through Digital Assortment Planning Featuring Fjällräven

Nathan Dopp, President of North and South America for Fjällräven, says that the company looked at many potential technology partners before settling on Elastic.  He says they chose Elastic because it was the most usable and most functional solution with the best digital cataloging capability for Fjällräven’s B2B sales and merchandising needs. The transition to Elastic is making the company a better partner to their retailers and dealers through a more integrated and seamless wholesale purchasing experience.

Aundrea Dawkins, eCommerce Specialist at Fjällräven explains how digital catalogs and assortment planning on Elastic is done through an all-in-one solution that empowers both sales reps and retailers. Creating sales orders directly from the Elastic solution is a major improvement over manual order processing.  When first deploying the platform, Fjällräven used it extensively with their major retail partner REI with a very positive response to the purchasing experience. The company looks forward to the future with continued improvement and innovation coming from their partnership with Elastic.

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Related Resources

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