December 22 2023
Crafting the World’s Most Comfortable Pants with an Innovative Sales Approach

DUER, a versatile Canadian-based denim brand, has mastered the art of creating the world’s most comfortable pants. What sets them apart from other apparel brands, is not just their high-performance quality or ethically-sourced materials, but also their innovative omnichannel sales approach. DUER ensures that their array of comfort driven products, “designed for doers” reach every corner of the globe through a strategic combination of wholesale, direct-to-consumer, and global retail stores. 


This dynamic brand adopts a diverse B2B wholesale strategy, powered by Elastic Suite. DUER connects with specialty retail stores and local shops to ensure accessibility and personalized experiences for a broad customer base. With a global distribution network, DUER faces the challenge of operating in multiple regions and languages. In Europe, the brand has established a distributor model to efficiently navigate these diverse markets. 


Elastic Suite’s collaborative platform is an essential tool for the DUER’s sales force as sales reps (both in-house and independent) require the ability to tailor their assortment plans and order proposals for a range of diverse buyers with both geographical and specialty retail variations. Additionally, the Elastic platform enables the team to efficiently manage global currencies and tariffs, which is essential for their international retail partners. 


Elastic Suite is integrated with the brand’s wholesale marketing strategy, emphasizing sales enablement and dedicated service to key accounts. DUER’s wholesale marketing team tailors assets to meet the specific needs of individual stores, with custom Point of Purchase (POP) packages built directly in the Elastic platform. Additionally, the team at DUER has developed fully customized collections with marketing assets and builds assortments designed to enhance the presentation of DUER’s products in retail spaces. 


One of Elastic’s foundational features, the whiteboard, is one of DUER’s favorite tools to help develop an effective merchandising strategy. The tool allows sales reps to create assortments in real time and work collaboratively with buyers. Amy Faire, DUER’s Senior Sales Manager, praises this feature, stating, “Elastic’s whiteboarding tool allows me to create an assortment and work with my buyers while they’re laying things up on a grid. I export a PDF and share it with them before they leave the appointment. That’s my favorite feature because it’s a more curated and visual version of a standard catalog or order proposal.” 


It’s no secret that DUER is driven to support sustainability with their mission to use 100% plant-based and recycled materials to create their apparel. Additionally, the brand has eliminated printed catalogs for Fall 2024, standing by their commitment to reducing environmental impact. Print elimination was made possible with the use of Elastic’s Custom Collection Builder and the ability to create a customized catalog layout that meets their exact design needs. By eliminating printed catalogs, DUER will eliminate over 1500 catalogs from being printed annually. In addition to saving over $30,000 annually, the environmental savings are immeasurable.

  • 45.9 BTUs of energy

  • 6.29 tons of wood

  • 35,500 pounds of CO2

  • 43,600 gallons of water

  • 2,230 pounds of solid waste

DUER’s creative and strategic approach to wholesale sales is a key factor in the success of their omnichannel sales approach. With their commitment to sustainability and personalized buying and selling experiences, DUER continues to lead the way in the world of comfortable and conscious fashion. 


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