Now Standardizing
Digital Wholesale

Elastic’s world-class B2B platform is now streamlining the wholesale purchasing process by offering our best-in-class software for brands and retailers at a lower pricepoint and with resource-light data integrations.

Exchange is not a virtual tradeshow. It’s a tool that’s available year-round and is designed for all brands and retailers.

A digital solution that inspires engagement and collaboration, Elastic allows brands to present curated collections. and for buyers to source new products. Exchange gives brands access to the same toolset used by the biggest and brightest names in the industry, a fraction of the cost.


“O’Neill has benefited from being on Elastic Suite thanks to the single-platform standard for the retailer and intuitive user experience. And now Exchange will allow for curated assortments specific to shows to create a more personalized, productive, and efficient experience for both buyers and sellers.”

-Mark Tinkess, O’Neill Clothing, General Manager


Transform your approach
to B2B commerce

Thinking world-class B2B selling tools are only for big brands? Think again. Provide your current retailers an immersive buying experience while opening new doors all in one place.
Boost Sales
Consolidate Resources
Increase Sustainability
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Boost Sales
Enhance sales through brand-specific retailer applications, assortment planning, digital merchandising, sales rep tools and more curated B2B sales approach.
Consolidate Resources
Cost savings come from print-free digital product catalogs, greater process efficiency and streamlined order entry.
Increase Sustainability
Eliminating B2B printed sales catalogs provides greater sustainability with positive environmental impacts on CO2 emissions, forest conservation and energy consumption.

The industry’s leading virtual selling wholesale platform


Digital Catalogs

Virtually present your line, achieve higher sales volume and boost sustainability through digital product catalogs.

Rich Brand Storytelling

Video assets and high quality images provide a richer showroom-type experience to digitally portray your brand and products.

Streamlined Ordering

A seamless transition from digital catalog, to assortment building, to order entry means greater accuracy and streamlined purchasing.


Sell more, save time

Sell smarter, not harder. Take advantage of Elastic’s robust technology to put the right products in front of the right buyers, in a way that not just sells in but sells through.
Broader Prospect Base
Enhanced Retailer Collaboration
More Curated Sales Approach
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Broader Prospect Base
Because Elastic is the most preferred B2B platform by retailers, brand reps have built-in access to a much broader base of prospects.
Enhanced Retailer Collaboration
The most fully integrated and efficient digital merchandising technology takes brand-to-retailer collaboration to an entirely new level.
More Curated Sales Approach
Managing product lines with the leading wholesale digital platform means a more curated approach to B2B sales for better sell-in and sell-through.

Best in Class Selling Tools


Enhanced Sales Presentations

The highest quality digital tools create more streamlined and effective sales presentations.

Whiteboard Merchandising

Help retailers visualize brands and products in their stores with powerful whiteboard merchandising.

Hassle Free, Multi-Ship Orders

Go from digital catalogs and sales workbooks to complex, multi-ship orders all in just one click.


Universal Access and

Access all the brands you buy, and discover some new ones, all in one central place.
Cross-Brand Sourcing
Single Platform
Seamless Supplier Integration
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Cross-Brand Sourcing
Strategically source products by type, category or other attributes across multiple brands and suppliers.
Single Platform
A universal wholesale digital purchasing platform is now the reality with industry-wide adoption of Elastic.
Seamless Supplier Integration
Utilizing the leading digital technology platform means seamless integration with suppliers and a more efficient purchasing process.

Universal access with the most friendly UX


Interactive Digital Catalogs

Virtually and digitally access entire interactive catalogs to more effectively manage all of your brands and products.

Assortment Planning

Intuitive assortment planning tools allow buyers to digitally browse and more collaboratively engage with product lines.

Seamless Ordering and Inventory

A seamless process for ordering and reordering provides efficient real time order tracking and inventory management.

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