Frequently Asked Questions

What is Digital Market?

Powered by Elastic Suite’s Best-in-Class Technology, Digital Market is a year-round, all-in-one platform designed with buyers and retailers in mind. Digital Market is not a virtual tradeshow.  

With simple data inputs and minimal IT resources required, Digital Market is the single-source for brands and manufacturers to connect with retailers and sellin products.  

Mid-market and boutique brands can now access Elastic Suite technology that retailers across industries have come to know, and quite frankly, love 

F O R   B R A N D S

Do I have to be an exhibitor at OR or Surf Expo to be a part of their Digital Market? 

No! Digital Market is designed to be used year-round and you do not have to attend or exhibit at any type of tradeshow to use and/or see value with the platform. The OR and Surf Expo Digital Markets are simply aligned with the shows as they are industry leaders for dealers and brands.  

Can I use Digital Market at other shows and events? 

Of course! Digital Market is a 365 tool that’s designed to be used throughout the year for sell-in and events.

What’s included with my annual licensing fees? 

Access for your brand team (retailers are not included in your license count), onboarding support, unlimited data imports and updates, always-on knowledge bank, access to ALL users on the buyer and retailer side.  

Who loads all the products onto the platform? 

The Brand does this, with guidance from our OnBoarding team. Once a contract is signed, the Brand is contacted to participate in a robust onboarding training program that consists of live webinars, video, and downloadable materials. 

Will I receive help to get me up and running on the platform?   

We have Onboarding and Customer Success teams ready to assist in this process.  You will receive a welcome email that will contain all the details you need to begin the onboarding process.  In addition, we will host regular Onboarding Webinars to provide more interactive support.  Our Customer Success team is then available and ready to support you once your catalog is loaded within the Digital Market.   

How do brands update new products or seasonal lines throughout the year?   

It’s very simple and you will be trained how to by OnBoarding and  Customer Success teams. You’ll have access to a secure file sharing hub that connects your data directly to the Digital Market platform. If you update your data throughout the season, you simply reupload to Digital Market.   

Is there an inventory management element?  

At this point, inventory management is a feature that is available in Elastic B2B and not Digital Market. We are actively working on this feature, which will allow you to submit up-to-date product ownership on a regular basis. This will be live by August and support greater transparency between exhibitors and buyers.  

What software features are included? 

All the standard Elastic Suite features are included except for additional software integrations. All Digital Market users get access to product search, digital catalogs, whiteboards, and standard and quick order mode 

What’s the biggest difference between Digital Market and Elastic B2B? 

Digital Market is a bit more feature-light than the full Elastic B2B version. There is no ERP or CRM integration that can help with backend order and sales processes that larger enterprise organizations have automated. 


F O R   R E T A I L E R S

Do I have to attend OR or Surf Expo to access Digital Market?

No.  Attendees are automatically invited to use the platform.  If you are not an approved retailer than you can apply or be invited by a brand???

Are all retailers invited to be a part of Digital Market?

All Retailers who sign up for either Surf Expo or Outdoor retailers and are qualified to attend. We vet all of our retailers – whether it’s for our live event or digital markets. Additionally, our Retail Relations team partners with brands to ensure the buyers they want to work with are identified and invited to participate in the Digital Market and our live events.

How much does it cost for me?

If you are a registered attendee at Outdoor Retailer or Surf Expo then you’re automatically licensed, and it is free.

Is there a process to apply for a new account with a brand? 

Yes. Each brand has the opportunity to apply to be a stockist but that process is on the brand side and does not occur within the Digital Market platform.

What types of orders can I place?

At once and prebook inventory is available. It is dependent upon the type of inventory that the brand has uploaded on their end.

How do I pay my invoice once I’ve placed an order? Is there a credit card processor?  

Each brand is responsible for invoicing and billing separately. Once your order has been approved and placed, the brand or rep will be in touch with next steps for payment method.


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