March 25 2021

GOA Vendors HydraPak, DUER and Asolo Choose Elastic

Brand and Retailer trend toward single platform B2B technology grows as brands continue to move onto Elastic

Marketplace preference for a standardized approach to wholesale ecommerce continues to grow as HydraPak, DUER and Asolo are the latest GOA affiliated vendors to choose Emerald’s Elastic Suite.  These new brands add to the large and growing majority of GOA vendors that prefer Elastic as their B2B technology platform over competing solutions. 

“Brands and retailers are increasingly moving toward using a single platform when conducting wholesale ecommerce and the marketplace has clearly chosen Elastic.Our commitment to our valued clients includes a process for them to still participate in GOA Connect shows using Elastic, including seamless integration, digital merchandising and order processing with buyers during these sales events.” 

-Sawyer Frank, Senior Director of Global Sales, Elastic Suite


Elastic continues to be the industry-standard for B2B solutions

The decision by these brands to deploy Elastic extends far beyond GOA as the trend toward standardized wholesale ecommerce continues to grow across manufacturing vertical segments that feature diverse and visual product lines.  These three brands, new to the Elastic platform, serve a large retailer network and consumer base across the outdoor, lifestyle apparel and footwear sectors.  A summary of their planned utilization of Elastic is described below. 


A leading provider of performance hydration  products for the outdoor, cycling and running sectors, HydraPak is launching a major upgrade to their B2B sales and merchandising technology to their global retailer and distributor network.  By fully integrating with HydraPak’s Acumatica ERP solution, Elastic is expected to transform the company’s B2B ecommerce experience for buyers through interactive digital catalogs, assortment planning tools, streamlined ordering, tailored product promotions, whiteboarding features, virtual sales presentations, sales rep tools and more.  All of the brand’s product categories and lines will be featured on Elastic for a truly collaborative digital merchandising and wholesale purchasing process.  Retailers and distributors will have full access to the platform covering more than 2,500 store locations across the company’s global regions of North America, Europe and Asia/Pacific. 


Canadian lifestyle apparel manufacturer DUER is also making significant enhancements to their business processes, especially in the wake of the COVID 19 pandemic. In an interview with Retail Insider, Garry Lenett, President, DUER said:  “Creating speculatory inventory, which everyone does, bringing it in (to stores) and then spending all this money on marketing, trying to sell it. It’s completely inefficient.  I went to our suppliers and said the world is changing, how are we going to respond?” Part of the company’s response is the adoption of Elastic to create an entirely new level of brand-to-retailer collaboration and process efficiency through digital B2B merchandising and sales.  The Elastic rollout will cover more than 600 company stores and retail partner locations throughout their global market regions of Canada, the United States and Europe. 


As an innovative manufacturer in the high-end outdoor footwear market, Italian brand Asolo has chosen Elastic to help create a streamlined wholesale merchandising and sales process with their global retailer network.  Integration of next-generation B2B sales technology, including digital catalogs, assortment planning and seamless ordering combine as a major upgrade to Asolo’s approach to wholesale ecommerce.  The Elastic rollout will serve approximately 6,000 retail locations and distributors in more than 40 countries across the company’s global export markets of Western and Eastern Europe, North America and Asia/Pacific. 

Changing the way brands and retailers connect

The trend toward universal adoption of Elastic is transforming B2B ecommerce through single platform usage among brands and retailers by eliminating the requirement for buyers to access their supplier brands through multiple wholesale purchasing solutions. Strong marketplace preference for Elastic is driven by its ability to help manufacturers, retailers and distributors adopt a more sustainable B2B sales process while achieving efficiency-driven cost savings and incremental sales growth.  Sustainability and cost savings come through streamlined order entry, digital catalogs, resource optimization and inventory management.  Increased sales revenues come through brand-specific retailer applications, sales rep tools, strategic sales planning, digital merchandising, product customization and assortment planning tools. 


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